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GEBHARDT, Sheamus Peter (1936-2017)

GEBHARDT, Hon Sheamus Peter (1936-2017)

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Peter Gebhardt, 1983.

Peter Gebhardt, 1983.

S. Peter Gebhardt, LLB (Melb), AMT (Harvard), was appointed as Principal to succeed Peter N Thwaites, from 1 January 1976 to 1985 becoming the eighth Principal of Geelong College.

Peter Gebhardt, c1976.

Peter Gebhardt, c1976.

Peter Gebhardt was educated at Geelong Grammar School, took his degree at the University of Melbourne and returned to Geelong Grammar to teach English and History from 1958 to 1960. From 1961 to 1963, he taught at Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) before completing a MA at Harvard University and teaching at Milton Academy in Massachusetts. In 1965 he returned briefly to Shore until his appointment as Headmaster of All Saints’ College, Bathurst in 1966. In addition to his role as Headmaster at All Saints', Mr Gebhardt had been editor of the Headmasters' Conference Journal, represented independent schools on the National Committee on English Teaching and was an executive member of the Arts Council of Australia (NSW Division).

In 1996, he was appointed a judge of the Victorian County Court. In a late career change of direction, he had decided to return to law practice, undertook his articled clerkship in 1986, and began practising as a barrister. His appointment to the County Court represented an extraordinarily rapid rise within the legal profession in Victoria. He has published several books of poetry including British Bulldog in about 1996.

Peter Gebhardt died on 22 July 2017.

Installation of Peter Gebhardt as Principal of Geelong College, 1976.

Installation of Peter Gebhardt as Principal of Geelong College, 1976.

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