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Duncan Fraser with Louise, 2015.

Duncan Fraser with Louise, 2015.

Duncan Fraser was recognised in June with Member of the Order of Australia (AM) honours for his significant service to primary industry, particularly agriculture, to professional associations, and to education and training.

Duncan, pictured with his wife Louise, lives near Hay in NSW and grew up on a farm at Ballan, Victoria. He has split much of his career between his farm and representative boards, including the NSW Farmers’ Association and National Farmers’ Federation.

His interest in farming politics and governance began when the infamous wide combs strike was holding up his shearing schedule in the early 1980s. He took up the cause with his local farmer organisation, a precursor to the NSWFA. It was the first political act of many, as he soon began to take up positions on its committees and executive, becoming NSWFA Vice-President in 2001. Duncan became the Vice-President of the NFF in 2010 and President in 2013, after more than 10 years as the NFF
Industrial Committee’s Chairman. All the while, he was running his pastoral sheep and irrigated rice property in the Riverina.

These days, Duncan focuses on sheep meat and wool production, in addition to Chairing the Sheep Industry Co-operative Research Centre and the National Wild Dog Action Plan Implementation Committee. He is also a Trustee of Prime Super and the Australian Farmers’ Fighting Fund, a Governor on the Winifred West Schools Board, and local agriculture college Advisory Council member. 'Mum and Dad were very community minded so it seemed natural to get involved in various organisations firstly in my local Hay community then further afield,' Duncan said. 'Perhaps my taste for community service was planted after serving on the Social Services Committee at Geelong College so long ago!'

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