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FOWLES, E W H (?-1946)

FOWLES, E W H (?-1946)

In 1946, Pegasus published an obituary as follows:
'Dr. E. W. H. Fowles, M.A., LL.D., Litt. D, was neither an Old Boy of the Geelong College, nor even a Victorian, yet he was for many years a guest at all Victorian Public School functions in Brisbane, and this one item might well epitomize his whole career. In point of fact he was educated at the Brisbane Grammar School; he was a master at Geelong College in the period 1901-02, and though he soon gave up teaching, he was the author of a well-known Latin course and assisted the Queensland Education Department in preparing books used in the state schools there.

His successes in law and journalism led naturally to a brilliant career in the Queensland Legislative Council, a senatorship of the University and an examinership in law to the Supreme Court. As one of the pillars of the Methodist Church, he took special interest in young people and in church music; he himself composed several hymns. In such a full life there was still room for sporting enthusiasm, and Dr. Fowles at one time was tennis doubles champion of his state.

It is easy to understand the eagerness with which Victorian Public School men welcomed such a character to their reunions, their enthusiasm for his profound or witty speeches, their sense of personal loss in his death, which took place on December 29, 1945. Of him it can be said that the world is nobler for his sojourn in it, and Geelong College may take special pride in the thought that he and it enriched each other in the formative days of their brilliant careers.'

Sources: Pegasus June 1946 p54.
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