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The Florence Higgins Scholarship is a currently available award and is offered irregularly for entry to Year 9 to a student of outstanding academic ability who may not otherwise be able to attend The Geelong College. Current College students may not apply for this scholarship.

The Scholarship is named in memory of Florence Gertrude Higgins (1919-2000) who attended Morongo Girls' College from 1929 to 1935.

The Scholarship was funded by family members after her death. A report in the Principal's Newsletter of 2001 noted as follows: 'The first is a scholarship endowed by Old Collegian, Mr Lex Higgins in honour of his late sister, Florence, who passed away in January this year. It will be known as the Florence Higgins Scholarship. This wonderful gift follows the introduction of the Russell Higgins Scholarship, endowed by Florence and Lex several years ago in memory of their brother, Russell.' A note in 1997 commented: 'The Russell Higgins Scholarship for entry to Year 9 was donated by Lex and Florence Higgins, brother and sister of the late Russell Higgins who was killed in World War II.'

In 2019, a doll with a hand made Morongo uniform originally made and owned by Florence Higgins was generously donated to the Geelong College.

Please note that all current scholarships are subject to annual review. This information was accurate as of December 2015. Please contact the College for current information on all scholarships. Not all Scholarships are listed in this Guide.

Sources: Principal's Newsletter Term 3 1997 p6; Principal's Newsletter Term 3 2001 p2.
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