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The ‘Farquhar Duncan and Flora Macdonald Scholarship’ is a currently awarded scholarship.

Named after brother and sister, Farquhar Duncan Macdonald (1879-1928) and Flora Macdonald (1873-1943), it was first announced in 1943. Pegasus magazine reported that: ‘Miss Flora MacDonald, of Noorat, left the College a legacy of £1000 for a scholarship which will possibly not be available for some time. It will be called the Farquhar Duncan and Flora MacDonald (sic) Scholarship.’ The first announcement of the award of the scholarship was in 1948.

Farquhar Duncan MacDonald was born at Terang, Victoria in 1877 and died on 8 October 1928 at Ararat and buried at Terang. He and Flora were siblings in a family of ten children born to Murdoch Macdonald (1827-1901) and Christina, nee McRae (1835-1918).

In 1979, the scholarship was awarded as the ‘Marjorie Balmer, Farquhar Duncan and Flora McDonald (sic) Scholarship'.

In 1981, it had been merged with the ‘Christina Armstrong, James Boyd, Marjorie L. Balmer, Thomas Dann Freeman and Phillip Hall Scholarships’ for entry to Form III.

Farquhar Duncan and Flora Macdonald Scholarship Awardees:

The following is not a comprehensive list.
Some dates may refer to the dates of the award, or the year the scholarship was taken up.

1948 Palmer, F. G.

1951 Cook, W. T.

1956 Stray, J. D.

1961 McNair, T. F.
1962 Irvine, G. G.
1963 Proudfoot, A. D.
1964 Craig, G. E.
........ Green, D. C.
1965 Bauer, M. J.
1966 Cook, H. R. R.

1969 Gibson, R. J.
........ Meredith, J. R.

1972 Lamont, S. S.
1974 Hope, J. A.

1979 Kent-Hughes, T. (For 1980)
1980 Hale, Phillipa Nancy (For 1981)
........ Goldsworthy, Karen Lee (For 1981)
1981 Rutherford, A. J. (For 1982)

1984 Gillespie, A. J.
........ Lethbridge, D. S.
........ Taverner, T. L.
1987 Magarey, M.

1998 Calder, J.
........ Malon, A.

2003 Monotti, W. (For 2004)


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