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The E R Sparrow Cup was an annual sporting award first given as a prize to the winner of the Open 440 yards race at the College sports. Like many College awards the events for which it was awarded varied over the years. It is no longer a currently used award.

By 1930, the E R Sparrow Cup was the Under 14 version of the Geelong College Cup, at that time, the penultimate College athletics award. It was awarded on a points basis as a result of four athletics events: 100 yds; 220 yds; High Jump; and Long Jump.

The Cup was originally donated in 1919 by William Edward Sparrow (1891-1966) in memory of his father Edward Rogers Sparrow (1847-1918) and named accordingly. The cup was last awarded in 1961.

Edward Rogers Sparrow was alleged to have been the first student enrolled at Geelong College in 1861.

E R Sparrow Cup Awardees:

1919 Brooke, L. P. W. (440yds open)
1920 Hope, D W
1921 McDonald A. E.
1924 Hirst, C (Headmaster's Cup)
1926 Wright, M. T. (Headmaster's Cup)
1927 Smith, R. R.
1928 Notman, G. C.
1929 Carr, W. P.
1930 Moorfoot, R. L.
1931 Reid, F. C. D.
1932 Watson, R. D.
1933 Forbes, J. A.
1934 Gough, R. J.
1935 Steel, J. K.
1936 Gough, K. O.
1938 Stillman, K. J.
1939 Davies, A. W.
1940 Milne, N. F.
1941 Davis, H. L.
1942 Borthwick, J. M.
1943 Grant, D.
1944 Holt, J. W.
1945 Ingpen, J. L.
1946 Bell, B.
1947 Gerrard, J. L.
1948 McDiarmid, C.
1949 Green, H. G.
1950 Caithness, R. L.
1951 Williams, D. G.
1952 Redpath, R. J.
1953 Dudley, C. T.
1954 Hatton, L.
1955 Scott, A. R.
1956 Fell-Smith, B. G.
1957 Fraser, R. L.
1958 Irvine, J. R.
1959 Sheahan, A. P.
1960 Andrews, G.
1961 McTavish, R.
1962 Not Listed
1963 Bufton, P. H.
1964 Hepner, P. R.
1965 Adams, R.
1966 Steele, N.
1967 Young, P.
1968 Johnstone, A. J.
1969 Johnstone, A.
1970 Bell, M.
1971 Durnan, A. J.
1972 Durnan, J.
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