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The E R Scott Instrumental Prize is a current, annually offered, award for the best instrumentalist at the College. The prize has been awarded since 1958 and continues as a current award. It was named after E R Scott, an engineer, who was a prominent supporter of music and the College.

E R Scott Instrumentalist Prize Awardees:

1958 Hair, G B
1959 Hair, G B
1960 Cox, J S
1961 Fairnie, I J
1962 Davies, J E
1963 McLean, A M
1964 Larmour, W F
1965 Webb, P R
1966 Penrose, I E
........ Spokes, R L
1967 Morris, I D
1968 Cameron, A A
1969 Hunter, G R
1970 Wood G C
1971 Penno, P W
1972 Mellor, B J
1973 Mellor, B J
1974 Sutherland D S
1975 Backwell, D I
1976 Hope, K E
1977 Bath, D
1978 Thomas, M.
1979 Mellens, K.
1980 Thomas, S.
1981 Huffam, S.
1982 Cumming, I.
........ Keary, F.
1983 Bowers, P.
1984 Keary, F.
........ Mckenzie, F.
1985 McKenzie, F.
1986 Chan, C
........ Fleet, A
1987 Heather, S
1988 Foster, C
........ Tucker, S
1989 Jennings, S
........ Warren, D
1990 Roth, C
........ Sowerby, M
1991 Dickie, F
1992 Hosie, K
1993 Di Stefano, P
1994 Smith, A
1995 Cameron, G
1996 Cameron, G
1997 Tan, M
1998 Tan, M
1999 Lee, M
........ Tan, J
2000 King, P
........ Moffatt, R
2001 Campanaro, G
2002 Campanaro, G
2003 Nicolo, J-P
2004 Elliott, E
2005 Dickens, C
2006 Oborne, T
2007 McCartney, L.
2008 Leung, V.
........ Profitt, S.
2009 Lane, A.
2010 Riley, N.
........ Tang, D.
2011 Moore, A.
........ Morris, A.
2012 Thomas, A.
2013 Orford, S.
2014 Horn, D.
........ Russell, H.
2015 Goldsack, A.
2016 You, A.
2017 Newton, A. C.
2018 Trinh, A.
........ Vagg, R.
........ White, G.

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