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This current annually offered award requires students to undertake a physical recreation, develop or learn a new skill, be involved in a community service and complete a practice and a test qualifying journey. Students may qualify at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. The award has been offered through the College for many years (possibly 1974)but has been more actively co-ordinated since 1992, when the School applied to become a registered operator of the Scheme. In 2015, about 20 students were participating in the award program.

1996 Thornton, V.
1998 Lean, A.
1999 Craig, S.
........ Oxley, J.
........ Owen, B.
........ Tischler, N.
2003 Dennis, R.

2006 Nam, O.
........ Qin, J.
2008 Watson, C.
2012 Narita, C. (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
........ Threadgold, G. (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
2014 Hill, F.
........ Smith, M.
2015 Bunker, R.
........ Narita, D. (Bronze, Silver & Gold)
........ Threadgold, E. (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
2016 Arc-Dekker, E.
........ Blundy Jones, M.
........ Layik, M.
2017 Foley, C.
2018 Barr, E.

Sources: Ad Astra August 1992 p4.
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