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The Dramatic Performance Prize was an annually awarded prize to the person who had performed with distinction and/or made a significant contribution to the Drama Program. It was originally the 'Drama Prize' but was renamed from 2007 after the introduction of the VCE Subject 'Drama'. The Dramativ Performance Prize was dis continued after 2014.

The 'Drama Prize' is now awarded for the best student in the VCE Subject 'Drama'. A third academic award for Theatre Studies is also given annually.

Dramatic Performance Prize Awardees:
(Awarded as the 'Drama Prize' from 1974 to 1993 and from 1994 to 2006 as the 'Drama Prize for Outstanding or Best Performance')

1974 Bartlett, T.
1975 Ong, B.
1976 Bracher, T.
1977 France, E.
1978 Cameron, H.
1979 Yorke, C.
1980 Richardson, R.
1981 Mackay, D. M.
1982 Hynes, D.
1983 Borkinhoff, V.
1984 Simonsen, K.
........ Harvey, C.
1985 Davies, M.
........ Howarth, A.
1986 Carr, H.
........ Foster, L.
1987 McCann, R.
1987 Smith, M.
1988 Ekstedt, P.
........ Kinnane, M.
1989 Bellis, K.
1990 Haines, D.
1991 Edwards, J.
........ Richardson, A.
1992 Collins, S.
1993 Roberts, B.
1994 Neal, D.
1995 Knight, B.
1996 Taylor, B (Yr 12 Performance)
........ Taylor G. (Performance)
1997 Thomson, F.
1998 Ellis, G.
........ Milsom, K.
1999 Wolfenden, D.
2000 Cochrane, D.
........ Ryan, L.
2001 Claringbold, A.
2002 Costa, M.
2003 Terrell, P.
2004 Hynes, D.
2005 Crowl, C.
........ Morris, A.
2006 Hyatt, P.
2007 Champness, W.
2008 Britte, E.
........ Tripolino, R.
2009 Molyneux, T.
2010 Monotti, K.
2011 Barry, G.
2012 Edwards, J.
2013 Crawley, I.
2014 Skuza, J.

Note: 1984 Not able to be verified. Not listed Pegasus. No Speech Day Program. Drama Honour Board probably incorrect for 1996, 1998, 1999.
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