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The Dr 'Gus' Kearney Memorial Prize was first awarded in 1908 in memory of Dr 'Gus' Kearney, an outstanding sportsman and former captain of the School who died at the young age of thirty-six years in March 1907.

In 1908, Norman Morrison described the award ‘to be awarded annually on the lines of the Rhodes Scholarships, for proficiency in school work, combined with prowess in athletic sports.’ The award was originally provided by the Old Collegians’ Association.

By 1997, this award was defined as being awarded to a boy for all-round ability and service to the College. The equivalent prize for girls is known as the E H Morrison Prize. The prize is still currently offered each year.

Dr 'Gus' Kearney Memorial Prize Awardees:

1908 Tait, A. T.
1909 Doig, K. M.
1910 Porter, J. R.
1911 Birnie, N. E. S.
1912 Longden, N. A.
1913 Pillow, R. N.
1914 Reid, W. J.
1915 Mackay, E. E.
1916 Hawkes, J. B.
1917 Macmillan, W. E.
1918 Lee, F. M.
........ Ricketts, W. N.
1919 McArthur, R. C.
1920 Macmillan, J. R.
1921 Macmillan, J. R. T.
1922 Rusden, C. G.
1923 MacKay, R. G.
1924 Ingpen, W. L.
1925 Mayo, W. E.
1926 Wettenhall, A. E.
1927 McGregor, A. H.
1928 Adam, J. R.
1929 Cunningham, J. C.
1930 Hassett, A. L.
1931 Shannon, N. S.
1932 Watson, D.
1933 Young, L.
1934 Shave, O. S.
1935 Gaunt, D. C.
1936 Douglas, A. W.
1937 Sutherland, N. G.
1938 Laidlaw, T. T.
1939 Cooper, J. R.
1940 Cartwright, L. A.
1941 Williams, C. M.
1942 Howells, T. M.
1943 Salmon, J. R.
1944 Poole, J. D.
1945 Brown, F. W.
1946 Woodward, M. J.
1947 Neilson, D. G.
1948 Leggatt, R. A.
1949 Campbell, J. L.
1950 Leggatt, T. H.
1951 Vines, C. J. G.
1952 Henderson, B. G.
........ Scott, A. McI.
1953 Solomon, B. J.
1954 McDonald, A. W.
1955 Money, R. D.
1956 Sutherland, D. N.
1957 Howden, R. B.
1958 Gawith, D. A. T.
1959 Sproat, T. W.
1960 Tymms, B. G.
1961 Lawson, A. J. E.
1962 Andrews, K. T.
1963 Henderson, A. G.
1964 Andrews, G. E. T.
1965 Olsen, B. R.
1966 Menzies, S. J.
1967 Torode, I. R.
1968 Davey, A. G.
1969 Betts, M. J.
1970 Johnstone, T. G.
1971 Lindquist, G. J.
1972 Abrecht, D. G.
1973 Amezdroz, G. D.
1974 Duff, S. J.
1975 Williams, W. M.
1976 Bracher, T. T.
1977 Kelso, R. M.
1978 Magee, R.
1979 Hill, P.
......... Le Deux, T.
......... MacLeod, I.
1980 Redpath, R.
1981 Hale, J.
1982 Johns, M.
1983 Collins, C.
........ Ide, J.
1984 Callan, A.
........ Gebhardt, N.
1985 Black, P.
........ Butler, D.
1986 Lomas, J.
1987 Neely, H.
1988 Farrall, J.
1989 Heard, J.
1990 Peake, K.
1991 Anderson, B.
1992 Nelson, J.
1993 Miller, B.
1994 Kelly, J.
1995 Smith, A.
1996 Haylock, C.
1997 Hobbs, S.
1998 Van Hest, J.
1999 Lang, J.
2000 Moffatt, R.
2001 Bridges, N.
2002 O’Brien, J.
2003 Jarrold, T.
2004 Heard, G.
2005 Miller, E.
2006 Lau, A.
2007 Nicolo, X.
2008 Lugg, M. D.
2009 Molyneaux, T.
2010 Del Rio, D.
2011 Barry, G.
2012 Thomas, A.
2013 May, W.
2014 Breer, J.
2015 George, D.
2016 Boyd, G.
2017 Breer, H. B.
2018 Sutherland, L.
2019 Soo, O.
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