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The Douglas Higgins Memorial Prize is a current, annually given academic prize awarded to a boy in Year 12 in recognition of outstanding overall service to the College community.

It is named after Douglas Vernon Higgins (1917-1943) who was killed in an RAAF aircraft accident during World War II. The prize was first awarded as the Dux Prize of Form IVB in 1945 but, from 1948 was awarded to IVA effectivley making it the Form IV Dux prize. Previously, the H H Purnell Prize had been awarded for the Dux of Form IVA but was transferred to Form VE in 1948.

The Douglas Higgins memorial Prize continued in this form until 1971 when prizes for Forms III and IV were discontinued. In 1994, the Prize reappears as an award for a ‘student in Year 12 who has won no other prize, in recognition of outstanding overall service to the College community’.

Douglas Higgins Memorial Prize Awardees (Form IV):

1945 Broberg, D. T. (IVB)
1946 Jones, R. E. (IVB)
1947 Campbell, L. J. (IVB)
1948 Fleming, P. G. (IVA)
1949 Price, N. F. (IVA)
1950 McKinnon, G. T.
1951 Sherson, N. D.
1952 Russell, F. W.
1953 Sutherland, D. N.
1954 Seller, R. D.
1955 Wills, I. R.
1956 Wedemann, D. C.
1957 Herbert, A. J.
1958 Tymms, B. G. (IVA.1)
1959 Douglas, R. N. (IVA.1)
1960 Cameron, W. E. (IVF)
1961 Davey, R. B. (IVA)
1962 Proudfoot, A. D. (IVA)
1963 Burger, R. D. (IVA)
1964 Bigmore, G. T. (IVA)
1965 Bailey, A. J. (IVA)
1966 Keddie, J. N. (IVA)
1967 McLean, L. R. (IVA)
1968 Dickson, P. J. (IVA.1)
1969 Thom, D. E. (IVA.1)
1970 Holdenson, O. P. (IVA.1)
........ Taylor, R. S. (IVA.1)
1971 Wood , A. R. (IVA.1)
1972 Prizes not awarded in Form IV

Douglas Higgins Memorial Prize Awardees (Form VI):

1994 McCallum, S.
1995 Ryan, J.
1996 Craig, G.
1997 Nordang, C.
1998 Trim, M.
1999 Claringbold, G.
2000 Laught, C.
2001 Calder, K.
2002 Hayden, P.
2003 Dennis, R.
2004 Franklin, B.
2005 Brennan, M.
2006 Jasek, L.
2007 McNaughton, A.
2008 Forrest, J. K.
2009 Blair, R.
2010 Barton, F.
2011 White, A.
2012 Klein, T.
......... Threadgold, G.
2013 Chomley, L.
2014 Crisp, P.
2015 Goldsack, A.
2016 Carr, W.
2017 Henderson, J. P.
2018 McHarry, T.

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