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Pegasus in 1922 published the following account of detentions of 1897:

'Our cricket and football training in 1897 consisted of 'compulsory' practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, although on Mondays, those who preferred "detention," were permitted to engage in that delightful pastime. How wonderful that so many "preferred" detention, particularly as Mr Kerr's sternness on such occasions was almost terrifying! Another great drawback to detention on Monday afternoon was Mr Morrison's habit of strolling through the class-rooms a little after 4 o'clock, armed with a long and flexible cane, which was wielded with great skill and vigour on those unfortunates who were required to complete a side for cricket or football practice. Much preparatory rubbing of hands greeted 'Normie's' appearance on such occasions, for all well knew what was in store. Just as 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever', so I fancy I can hear the 'swish' and the shouts now, and my hands still tingle, my scanty locks still stand on end, as my memory recalls those fearsome scenes of anguish of "the good old days" of long ago.’

Sources: Pegasus August 1922 p 38.
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