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The Debating Society first formed with twenty-four members in 1909 at the instigation of N C Stephen, was limited to Form VI and Form VA members. It was structured on the then fashionable parliamentary lines. Later that same year, a Junior Debating Society was also formed. Debating prizes were awarded from 1913 onwards. The Principal noted in 1934 that, though the Debating Society was a voluntary association, almost all students were members and that the College had been participating in an inter-school competition for at least 2 years. 'Tam' Henderson acted as chairman and president of the Debating Society for thirty years until his retirement in 1960.

In 1961, the Society was re-organised towards a more competitive debating approach rather than public speaking but its vigour declined amidst growing curriculum demands and television. In 1970, Inter-House debating was briefly replaced by a form level public speaking competition. In 1976, Pegasus noted the revival of Inter-House debating. The School currently participates in an Inter-School debating competition.

Debating Captains:

1972 Not Listed
1973 Not Listed
1974 Bartels, F.
1975 Not Listed
1976 Not Listed
1977 Not Listed
1978 Not Listed
1979 Not Listed
1980 Not Listed
1981 Not Listed
1982 Not Listed
? Haigh, G.
1983 Not Listed
? Haigh, G.
1984 Not Listed
1985 Not Listed
1986 Not Listed
1987 Not listed
1988 Not Listed
1989 Not Listed
1990 Not Listed
1991 Not Listed
1992 Not Listed
1993 Not Listed
1994 Not Listed
1995 Not Listed
1996 Not Listed
? Emselle, F.
? Marchesani, B.
1997 Hobbs, S.
1998 Not Listed
? Jackson, C.
1999 Dethridge, E.
........Forbes, T.
2000 Seward, K.
2001 Hill, A.
2002 Seward, M.
2003 Davey, J.
........ Varley, C.
2004 Carman, C.
........ Roache, S.
2005 Smith, S.
2006 Gainey, S.
........ Gunther, D.
2007 Bull, E.
........ Monotti, W.
2008 Not Listed
2009 Haines, C.
........ Hatch, X.
2010 Caile, B.
2011 Kvant, A.
........ Mackey, R.
2012 Smith, M.
........ Threadgold, G.
2013 Baulch, E.
........ Spinazzola, P.
2014 Carruthers, E.
........ Watson, S.
2015 Goldsack, A.
........ Thorne, P.

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