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CURRIE, James Cedric (1860-1907)

CURRIE, James Cedric (1860-1907)

James Currie (Hendersons).

James Currie (Hendersons).

James Cedric Currie, son of pioneering settler and College supporter, John Lang Currie (1818-1898), was enrolled at Geelong College on 9 February 1872 and left in September 1872. He was enrolled as Cedric Currie by G L Currie. He later went to Wesley Colege from 1872 and Malbourne Grammar School in 1878-79.

Alexander Henderson in 'Hendersons Australian Families' briefly described him:
'James Cedric Currie, was born at Geelong, Vic­toria, 10th July, 1860, and educated at Wesley College and Melbourne C. of E. Grammar School (sic). He studied the wool industry at Bradford, England. Warmly regarded by a wide circle of friends, he was keenly interested in Art, and was considered a keen judge of antique furniture and china, of which he was a notable collector.

James Cedric Currie married Mary Robertson (decd.), daughter of John Mathieson, Banker, of 'St. Leonards', St. Kilda, Melbourne, and died in London in 1907, without issue.

His brothers, William John Currie (1855-1887), and John Lang Currie (1856-1935), were also educated at Geelong College.

Sources: 'Hendersons Australian Families' Volume 1, p171.''

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