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See Also Cricket Statistics (APS) Compiled by Michael Terry
See Also Cricket - Centenary History Text, 1961. Chapter Thirteen - 'With Bat and Ball'.
See Also Cricket - Jubilee History Text, 1911. Chapter X - 'With Bat and Ball'.
See Also the W H Hill Memorial Cricket Trophy for the Best and Fairest Cricketer Award prior to 2004.

Watch video tribute to Lindsay Hassett produced by the Geelong College's Lindsay Hassett Club in 2011.

Beginnings of Geelong College Cricket
Sport Cricket Team, 1894.

Geelong College Cricket Team, 1894.

Although George Morrison mentions the proximity of cricket grounds to the School in his 1867 Annual Report it was not until 1868 that the first listing of inter-school cricket matches was included in the Annual Reports. This is despite the fact that the first Cricket Captain, A M Murray was listed in 1865. Curiously, of the four matches listed in 1868, only one clearly lists a College First Team as playing.

The four matches of 1868 were:
College Second Eleven v. Second Eleven Grammar School (won by College).
Combined College and Grammar Team v. Second Eleven Corio Club (won by the Corio Club).
College First Eleven v. Highton First Eleven (won by College).
College Second Eleven v. Second Eleven of Grammar School (won by College).

A listing of sports in the 1873 Annual Report names Frank Rout of Geelong as the best cricketer, winning a silver cup donated by Andrew Chirnside of Werribee.

Geelong College and the Associated Public Schools (APS) competition.

The Geelong College joined the APS competition in 1908. There are detailed records of most seasons in the archives. The original scorebooks from 1942 to the present day are available with the exception of 1978, 1987, 1991, 1996-97 & 1999-99 (two matches missing). The early editions of Pegasus (from 1909) contain detailed match reports with scorecards and this covers the period up to the availability of the original scorebooks. The 1908 season is recorded in the Headmaster’s Report but this does not contain complete scorecards.

In the early days the APS competition consisted of 6 schools and the cricket competition involved 5 matches played over 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). The APS currently has 11 schools and the cricket competition consists of ten matches which are a mixture of 1 day and 2 day matches. The current APS College cricketer plays twice as many matches as the cricketer at the start of the APS which affects aggregate records.

Key steps in the evolution of the APS Cricket competition:
1908: 3 matches in Term 1 & 2 matches in Term 2 played over two full days (Friday/Saturday)
1917: Term 3 matches ‘non-competitive’
1919: Term 1 matches reduced to one day
1920: All matches back to two days.
1934: All five matches played in Term 1. Students unable to row and play cricket anymore.
1942: Unofficial one day matches substituted for two day matches.
1946: Back to two day matches but Friday start put back to 2 pm.
1959: Five new schools join the APS. Competition conducted in two pools in Term 1 with a final crossover match. College in a pool with Geelong Grammar and a rotating selection of three other schools.
1964: Season extended to seven matches against rotating opponents. Team at top of the table at the end of the season is the premier
1989: Round 1 played in November.
1992/93: Current format of 3 - 4 one day matches in Term 4 and 6 - 7 two day matches in Term 1

The Geelong College has won the competition seven times: 1946, 1947, 1963 (shared with Carey), 1979, 1982, 1995 & 2011.

'In an ignominious start to the APS cricket competition a score of 459 by J A Prout of Wesley College was struck against the Geelong College Team in 1909. In a 6 1/2 hour innings he hit 7 sixs and 64 fours. Wesley scored 710 runs in a humiliating exercise for the College.

The nearest top score to then in an inter-schools match had been by W W Armstrong (later Australian Test Cricket Captain) who had scored 438 for Melbourne Grammar School against Melbourne University in 1904. The Wesley score was the highest of a Public School Match in Australia but was fortunately topped that same year by Sydney Grammar School against Sydney Church of England Grammar School. At the time, Prout’s score was thought to be the highest ever recorded in a public schools match.

This was a massive turnaround from the days of the Schools Association competition when Ford Shannon and Gordon Melville of Geelong College dismissed Brighton Grammar for 2 runs in 1903. Gordon Melville achieved a hat-trick and Ford Shannon 7 wickets for no loss of runs. Similarly that same year, the partnership of 353 runs by M Jacobs (131) and Melville(193) against Carlton College was a dramatic contrast.'

Girls played a regular cricket competition in the early 1980s against Geelong Grammar and Clonard Schools.

Both of the first two published Geelong College histories (See above) contain substantial material on the history of Cricket at the College.

A sports trophy known as the 'The Geelong College Senior School Cricket Champions', donated by the Senior School Parents’ Association in the year 2000, is awarded annually to the winning House in the Senior School competition.

A Fairest and Best Award is made annually. Prior to 2004 this award was known as the W H Hill Memorial Cricket Trophy.

House Cricket Champions:
Girls Cricket XI, 1981.

Girls Cricket XI, 1981.

2000 Shannon
2001 Wettenhall
2002 McArthur
2003 Shannon
2004 Calvert
2005 Calvert

Cricket Captains:

1865 Murray, A.M.
1866 Murray, A. M.
1867 Robertson, Jno.
1868 Robertson, Jno.
1869 Murray, E.
1870 Macoboy, F. J.
1871 O'Hara, H.
1872 Murray, C. J.
1873 Rout, F.
1874 Dowling, J. W.
1875 Osborne, J.
1876 McArthur, J. N.
1877 Boyd, W.
1878 Boyd, W.
1879 McArthur, S.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1902 VSA Champions

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1902 VSA Champions

1880 Morrison, R. H.
1881 Morrison, R. H.
1882 Boyd, T.
1883 Simson, A. M.
1884 Boyd, A.
1885 Boyd, A.
1886 McArthur, E.
1887 Guthrie, A.
1888 Guthrie, A.
1889 Kearney, A. D.
1890 Kearney, A. D.
1891 Timms, A. B.
1892 Timms, A. B.
1893 Mclntosh, J.
1894 McRae, J.
1895 McRae, J.
1896 McFarland, F. A.
1897 Baird, E. M.
1898 Baird, E. M.
1899 Braham, R. G.
1900 Collocott, A. B.
1901 Collocott, A. B.
1902 Gatehouse, J
1902 Melville, G. A.
1903 Melville, G. A.
1904 Melville, G. A.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1904 VSA Champions

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1904 VSA Champions

1905 Jacobs, M. C.
1906 Maclean, A. G.
1907 Mackenzie, J. R. P.
1908 Dickson, T. M.
1908 Baker, J. E.
1909 Doig, K. McK
1910 Collocott, F. M.
1911 Collocott, F. M.
1912 Birnie, J. I.
1913 Birnie, J. I.
1914 Birnie, J. I.
1915 Birnie, J. I.
1916 Hawkes, J. B.
1917 Hawkes, J. B.
1918 Hawkes, J. B.
1919 Morton, L.
1920 McArthur, C. E.
1921 McArthur, C. E.
1922 McArthur, C. E.
1923 Rentoul, A. L.
1924 McKenzie, D. M.
1925 McKenzie, D. M.
1926 Mayo, W. E.
1927 Matheson, E. E.
1928 Matheson, E. E.
1929 Hassett, V. X.
1930 Hassett, A. L.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1906 VSA Champions.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1906 VSA Champions.

1931 Hassett, A. L.
1932 Hassett, A. L.
1933 Baird, C. G.
1934 Piper, A. E.
1935 Milne, G. A. C.
1936 Reid, F. C. D.
1937 Inglis, T. G.
1938 Cooper, J. R.
1939 Cooper, J. R.
1940 Young, J. S.
1941 Hill, R. L.
1942 McBean, L. W.
1943 Buchanan, J. K.
1944 Marshall, D. G.
1945 Woodward, M. J.
1946 Woodward, M. J.
1947 Bell, R.A.
1948 Chambers, J. L.
1949 Wallace-Smith, G. H.
1950 Wallace-Smith, G. H.
1951 Wallace-Smith, G. H.
1952 Cameron, K. McD.
1953 Merriman, R. F.
1954 Bromell, J. S.
1955 Bromell, J. S.
1956 Philip, A. S.
1957 Hirst, P. N.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1907 VSA Champions.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1907 VSA Champions.

1958 Redpath, I. R.
1959 Hood, R. A.
1960 Young, P. J.
1961 Davies, J. E.
1962 Davies, J. E.
1963 Green, S. T.
1964 Sheahan, A. P.
1965 Marshall, P. J.
1966 Farrow, R. W. M.
1967 Oman, G. G.
1968 Barkley, D. S.
1969 Sheringham, R. J.
1970 Clarke, D. E.
1971 MacGillivray, A. S.
1972 Clarke, J. R.
1973 Johnstone, J. A.
1974 Trounce, R. H.
1975 Nelson, P. J.
1976 Jubb, T. F.
1977 Vickers-Willis, R. P.
1978 Harlock, A. M.
1979 Howarth, D. L.
1980 Howarth, D. L.
1981 Hutchesson, B. (Boys)
Neely, E. A. (Girls)
1982 Holloway, S. D. (Boys)
Neely, E. A. (Girls)
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1946 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1946 APS Premiers.

1983 McKenzie, C. A.
1984 Humphreys, B. R.
1985 Thiele, J. S.
1986 Major, S. C.
1987 Canley, C. A.
1988 Hyland, D. J.
1989 Wiffen, T. P.
1990 Andrews, J.
1991 O’Brien, T.
1992 Stephenson, H.
1993 Smith, T.
1994 Peake, C.
1995 Day, C.
1996 O’Brien, C.
1997 Hosking, N.
1998 Morgan, S.
1999 Morgan, S.
2000 Waters, S.
2001 Merriman, R. A.
2002 Comer, J.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1947 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1947 APS Premiers.

2003 Crawford, L.
2004 Allan, D. K.
2005 Merriman, B. J.
2006 Stanley, A.
2007 Weddell, A. J.
2008 Kitchen, S. A.
2009 Carr, A.
2010 Del Rio, D.
2011 Wood, J.
2012 Simson, J.
2013 Langley, W.
2014 Hosking, T.
2015 Dalton, H.
2016 Boyd, G.
2017 Allen, S.
2018 Locke, F.
2019 Nagle, J.

Cricket Fairest and Best Awardees:

2004 Merriman, B.
2005 Meriman, B.
2006 Stanley, A.
2007 Weddell, A.
Boys 1st Cricket, 1963 APS Co-Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket, 1963 APS Co-Premiers.

2008 Kitchen, S. A.
2009 Carr, A.
2010 Wood, J.
2011 Cameron, J.
2012 Simson, J.
2013 Langley, W.
2014 Simson, W.
2015 Dalton, H.
2016 Boyd, G.
2017 Locke, F. W.
2018 Field, L.

Notable and First Class Cricketers:

Chambers, John Lindsay (1930-2017) - Victorian State Cricketer.
Cooper, John ('Jack') Richard (1922-2012) - State Cricketer.
Hallebone, Jeffrey (1929-) - Victoria State Cricketer
Hassett, Arthur Lindsay (1913–1993) - Australian Test Cricketer.
Hassett, Richard Joseph (1909-2006) - Victorian State Cricketer
Iverson, John Bryan ‘Jack’ (1915-1973) - Australian Test Cricketer.
Peake, Clinton John - Victoria State Cricketer
Redpath, Ian Ritchie MBE - Australian Test Cricketer.
Sheahan, Andrew Paul AM (1946-) - Australian Test Cricketer.
Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1979 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1979 APS Premiers.

The Geelong College Team of the Sesquicentenary (Selected in 2011 by members of The Lindsay Hassett Club):

A L Hassett (captain)
I R Redpath (batsman)
A P Sheahan (batsman)
J R Cooper (batsman)
J L Chambers (batsman)
L J Crawford (all-rounder)
B J MacLaren (wicket keeper)
G A C Milne (bowler)
A S McGillivray (bowler)
D Herbert (bowler)
N Ramm (bowler)
G G Oman (12th Man)

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1982 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1982 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1995 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 1995 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 2011 APS Premiers.

Boys 1st Cricket XI, 2011 APS Premiers.

Cricket Match, circa 1964.

Cricket Match, circa 1964.

Sources: Redmond, G McLeod. Geelong College: History, Register and Records Jubilee 1911 p102; Pegasus J A Prout – Pegasus April 1909 pp 4, 16, 17: APS Summary and statistics written and compiled by Michael Terry.
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