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COLONEL (-1924)



COLONEL (-1924)

'Colonel' was the name of the much-loved College horse which, literally, died in harness in 1924. ‘Colonel’ had been a familiar sight around the School for 13 years, drawing the mower or harnessed to the ‘Chariot’. The School had a second horse at this time known as ‘Sport’. Later, in the 1940s, a horse named ‘Pegasus’ was used to draw the mower. The popularity of Colonel was such that a number of eulogies by students were published in the School Magazine Pegasus following his death.

School bell rings, the boys pour out of doors,
The mower's sound is heard upon the green,
But the once familiar sight is now no more,-
Of "Colonel" can no traces now be seen.

Gone, gone, forever from our sight;
The new horse but reminds us of the last,
The bay, in vivid contrast to the white,
But serves to bring up memories of the past.

Never complaining, though it shone or stormed,-
A willing worker, he remained unchanged;
Eagerly his appointed tasks performed,
And while at work his death by fate arranged.

Dying in harness! yet it seemed most fitting
For horse that never yet had shirked a task,
That never needed brutal word or hit,-
What better end could any of us ask?

The worker taken, and the idler left;
How strange do seem the hard decrees of fate!
By loss of trusty friend our heart is reft,
While lives at peace the object of our hate.

But though we seek as good a horse in vain,
Though we can never hope to fill his place,
Yet happy memories can with us remain,
And Teddy still doth boast of 'Colonel's' pace.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

All he had to give, he gave us,
Strength of body, willing heart;
What, think you, but these will save us,
Whatsoever be our part?

Who to serve the school have striven,
Lacking or receiving thanks,
Faithful service, gladly given,
This admits him to your ranks.

Fields Elysian now receive him!
Task accomplished, guerdon won,
In your pastures we may leave him,
Our farewell, a last 'Well done!'

Sources: Pegasus August 1924 p 3, Poems pp 51-52 (No authorship). Image Archives (C Pagels Album 21).
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