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COLLINS, Basil Noel Marcus (1891-1946)

COLLINS, Basil Noel Marcus (1891-1946)

Basil Collins was enrolled at Geelong College in 1900 as a day student. No date of departure is known for him.

Two prizes are listed in the Annual Reports, the first in 1901 for a 2nd in Writing in the Junior College Preparatory Form and the second in 1904, a 2nd in Writing in the Lower 4th Form. These suggest that he was at the College until at least 1904.

Born on 11 June 1891 he was the son of a former Geelong Grammar School student and pastoralist, Marcus Edward Collins (1859-1935)and his wife, Helen Marjoribanks nee Ramage.

A brief obituary was published in Pegasus in June 1946:
'Basil Collins died at Geelong on February 3 (1946) after a long illness. His business interests had been always with the woollen manufacturing firm of Collins Bros. Pty. Ltd., of which he was a director. In both Geelong and Melbourne he is perhaps best remembered for his work in connection with the Royal Automobile Club and the Victorian Football League. He played football with Geelong from 1910 to 1921 and later held various offices of the club. His only son, Trevor, left the College in 1938'.

Geelong Grammarians described Basil Collins as follows:
'Basil Noel Marcus Collins, the younger son, was educated at The Geelong College 1900-, Kyneton Grammar School and Box Hill Grammar School. At the latter school, John Ulbrich, a contemporary of his father at GGS, had recently served as headmaster. Basil married Gladys Palmer of Marshall in 1918 and they had three children: Marie Marjoribanks; Esme Freda; and Trevor Marcus (The Geelong College 1925-1938). Both Arthur and Basil spent most of their lives working at Collins Bros establishing it as one of the larger businesses in Geelong.'

His brother, Arthur Marcus Stanley Collins (1888-1970) and son, Trevor Marcus ‘Sandy’ Collins (1919-2012) were also educated at Geelong College.

Sources: Pegasus June 1946 p54: Corfield, Justin J and Persse, Michael Collins Geelong Grammarians Vol 1 1855-1913, p259.
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