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CARSTAIRS, William (1858-1874)

CARSTAIRS, William (1858-1874)

William Carstairs, born on 11 October 1958, is the first individual named in the earliest surviving hardbound College Enrolment Registers. This register records students from 1871 onwards. He appears at the head of the page under the title 'New Boys' although the awards list suggests that he was a student from at least 1865.

Enrolment Register Detail, 1871.

Enrolment Register Detail, 1871.

W Carstairs was awarded the following academic prizes:

1865, 2nd, English, 1st Class.
1866, 1st, Latin, 2nd Class.
1867, 3rd, Latin, 3rd Class.
1868, 1st, Arithmetic, 2nd Class.
1869, 3rd, Latin, 4th Class.
1870, 2nd, Arithmetic, 3rd Class.
1871, 1st, Greek, 3rd Class.
1871, 2nd, Algebra, 3rd Class.
1872, 3rd, Greek, 4th Class.

Sources: Geelong College Enrolment Register 1871-1901 p36 Entry No 0001.
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