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Campbell House, circa 1976.

Campbell House, circa 1976.

Campbell House at the Preparatory School campus included the College Kindergarten and was named in December 1962 after Leslie J Campbell, a staff member since 1922 and Headmaster of the Preparatory School from 1931 to 1962.

In 1963, it consisted of three forms: Form 1b with Mrs Oxley; Form 1a with Mrs Sweetman; and Form 2 with Mrs Wilson.

During the 1968/69 summer break, the Campbell House buildings were transported from the Aphrasia St section of the Senior School campus to the site of the Preparatory School and re-arranged near the eastern gateway at Minerva Rd with Campbell House operating on that new site from 1969. In 1974 it was the first section of the College to become co-educational with the entrance of 7 girls to Campbell House from February 1974. A wing of the original Warrinn boarding House known as Dorm 10 was also incorporated into Campbell House as a library in 1978. It had been moved to the Campbell House site during the sumnmer vacation of 1976/77. Further building development occurred in 1987 with a Music Room and other facilities constructed and in 1994 with the establishment of the Early Learning Centre as a separate section for 3 and 4 year olds. In 1989, the 'Joan Sweetman Room', a multipurpose room named in honour of Mrs Joan Sweetman, member of staff from 1947 and Director of Kindergarten/Campbell House was opened. Further extension occurred in 1997 and the Multipurpose Centre opened on 25 August 2002 with further work on the Centre leading to its completion in 2005. In 2010, the Campbell House Library re-development was completed. The Pre-School section became the Early Learning Centre commencing in 1995.

In 2014, Campbell House was re-purposed as The Geelong College Junior School. In 2018, major redevelopment ocurred.

Campbell House, in 2007, consisted of six attractively situated classrooms, an Early Learning Centre, a Library-Resource Centre equipped to meet the needs of young children, a Music Centre, the Joan Sweetman Room and an Art Room. There are attractive open playgrounds with appropriate play equipment. Students have access to Middle School facilities including the pool, the gymnasium and the Environment Centre.

Kindergarten Teachers-in-Charge:

1929-1931 Sylvia Baird
1932-1935(T1) Miss Winning and/or Miss M Radford
1935(T2)-1936 Mrs Bechervaise
1937-1938 (T2) Miss E Baird{
1939-1940 Miss Wright (Miss M Richmond reported as appointed in 1938)
1941-1949 Lorna Hamer
1950-1962 Joan Sweetman

Campbell House/Directors:

1963-1978 Joan Sweetman
1979-1980 B J L Matthews
1981-1996 D J Bourke{
1997-2008 E. Russell
2009-2013 C. Dineen

Junior School Directors:
2014-2015 C. Dineen


Warrinn Annexe on the move to Campbell House, 1976/77.

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