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Calvert House is part of the Senior School House System. Its colour is Maroon. The House System was originally introduced in about 1921 mainly for Sports Competition. One of the original Houses of 1921 was Barwon with Maroon colours. In 1925, its name was changed to Calvert to honour a legendary supporter of the School, Mr Stanley Hamilton-Calvert. Mr Hamilton-Calvert was a keen supporter of the House Competition and donated a solid silver cup known as the Inter-House Cup for the winners of the House Competition. Barwon first won the House competition in 1923 but the re-named Calvert was not to win the overall House Competition for many years although it won the House Sports in 1932.

The first documented House Captain appears to have been T M Wright in 1930. It is uncertain who the first Calvert House master was.

Notable members of Calvert House have included Olympic javelinist, Rob Grant; neurosurgeon Geoffrey Donnan; businessman and philanthropist Darrell Wade; surf and iron woman, Kirsten Ulmer; AFL footballer, Will Scofield: environmentalist, Lizzy Corke; and actor and comedian, Veronica Milsom.

Calvert House Symbol, 2011.

Calvert House Symbol, 2011.

House Captains:

1930 Wright, T. M.
1931 Funston, F. G.
1932 Watson, J. K.
1933 Wettenhall, H. N. B.
1934 Legge, J. L.
1935 Milne, G. A. C.
1936 Stretton, P. J. C.
1937 Watson, R. D.
1938 Dennis, D. J. A.
1939 Turner, I. A. H.
1940 Menzies, K. L.
1941 Hill, R. L.
1942 Hope, D. G.
1943 Rogers, D. W.
1944 Davidson, J. M.
1945 Woodward, M. J.
1946 Woodward, M. J.
1947 Grant, D. T.
1948 Purnell, R. W.
1949 Campbell, J. L.
1950 Leggatt, T. H.
1951 Stephinson, W. G.
1952 Scott, A. McI.
1953 Merriman, R. F.
1954 Fyfe, A. McI.
1955 Lawler, W.
1956 Howden, R. B.
1957 Howden, R. B.
1958 Gawith, D. A. T.
1959 Lawler, A. C.
1960 Fenton, G. C.
1961 Duigan, M. L.
1962 Berney, D. M.
1963 Bowden, M. A.
1964 Davey, R. B.
1965 David, R. J.
1966 Unsworth, I. H.
1967 Morrison, A. W.
1968 Hepburn, R. G.
1969 McAdam, G. A.
1970 Lowe, P.S.
1971 Ford, C. J.
1972 Fraser, D. M.
1973 Wade, R.
1974 Myers, N.J.
1975 Williams, W. M.
1976 Schaller, G. C.
1977 Kelso, R.
1978 Sutcliffe, R.
1979 Spittle, A. J.
1980 Collins, R.
1981 Gorell, P.
1982 Hobbs, A.
1983 Ide, J.
1984 Simonsen, K.
1985 Spittle, D.
1986 Apted, L.
1987 Heather, S.
1988 Cameron, A.
1989 Cameron, A.
........ Wilmot, D.
1990 Andrew, K.
........ Jarman, T.
1991 Moser, A.
........ O’ Brien, T.
1992 Barrett, J.
........ Lambart, A.
1993 O, Brien, D.
........ Seeckts, R.
1994 Faulkner, K.
........ Nelson, R.
1995 Dennis, K.
........ Macafee, C.
1996 Case, S.
........ Sutton, M.
1997 David, T.
1998 Betts, K.
1999 Casboult, N.
........ Lang, J.
2000 Betts, A.
........ Sawade, J.
2001 Crowl, E.
........ Merriman, R.
2002 David, P.
........ Waayers, P.
2003 Betts, S.
........ Dennis, R.
2004 Cluley-Bolsin, N.
........ Heard, G.
2005 Hope-Johnstone, V.
........ Merriman, B.
2006 Bartlett, S.
........ Gubbins, J.
2007 Allen, S.
........ Johnstone, G.
2008 Guy, S.
........ Russell, H.
2009 Hatch, X.
........ Hunt, G.
2010 Monotti, K.
........ Van de Pol, D.
2011 Johnstone, E.
........ Robinson, O.
2012 McMillan, S.
........ Philip, T.
2013 Portogallo, H.
........ Shembrey, J.
2014 Heard, H.
........ Wylie, A.
2015 Gorell, Z.
........ Robinson, B.
2016 Gorell, J.
........ Morris, A.
2017 Goldsack, C.
........ Wylie, S.
2018 Lockyer, M.
........ Moorfoot, J.
2019 Ramsey, A.
........ Young, L.

Heads of House:

1959-1960 Campbell, J. H.
1961-1964 Quick, F. R.
1965-1965 Grainger, A. A.
1966-1970 McLean, Rev E. C.
1971-1972 Elliott, F. W.
1973-1976 Roffey, D.J.C.
1977-1980 Barkley, R.
1981-1986 Seeckts, M. W.
1987-1998 Young, D. A.
1999-2007 Black, D.
2008-2009 Matthews, C. E.
2010-2017 Palmer, R. (T Foley 2014 T2)
2018-current Joyce, L.

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