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BOWDEN, Alan Michael

BOWDEN, Alan Michael

Born on 25 October 1945, Alan ‘Michael’ Bowden was enrolled at Geelong College from 13 September 1960 to December 1963. He had previously attended Brighton Grammar School. At College, Michael was a Calvert House Prefect and Calvert House Day Captain, a member of the 1st Tennis Team in 1961, 1962 and 1963 and a member of the 1st Hockey Team in 1962 and 1st Hockey Team Captain in 1963. He was also a member of the Tennis Committee in 1962-3, gained Swimming House Colours and was a Sergeant in the Cadet Corps.

During the Vietnam War, he was called up for National service in 1966, serving (No. 3788573) in Vietnam from 20 December 1967 to 2 April 1968.

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs lists him with Vietnam Service (National Service) as a Private with the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) from 20 December 1967 to 2 April 1968.

He later worked for the Department of Employment, Education and Training in the Training industry in Tasmania and is a former Director Tasmanian Printing Industry Training Board 1989-94, Director Textile Clothing & Footwear Industry Training Board of Tasmania 1989-94, and Director Tasmanian Tourism Industry Training Board 1989-94. In about 1990, he switched to the Real Estate Industry initially working with Edwards and Windsor First National Real Estate, Derwent Park.

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