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Some of these locations may not be currently active or recognized. Numbers in brackets indicate an unadopted draft signage ranking.

1. Senior School:

Alexander Campbell Room (2)
Austin Gray Auditorium (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Austin Gray Centre (1)
Carrington Room (Former Boarders’ Common Room at Mackie) (2)
Cloister (Not formally named) (1)
Chapel Previously House of Music (Not formally named) (1)
Costa Theatre (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Davey House (1)
Dining Hall Senior School (Not formally named) (1)
E B Davies Room (Weight Training Room Rolland Centre) (3)
Edwin ‘Teddy’ Rankin Memorial Gates (3)
Elliott Lecture Theatre (2)
Freeman House (1)
Garnet Fielding Wing (1)
Geelong College (1)
George Logie Smith Auditorium (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
George Morrison Building (1)
George Morrison Memorial Library (2)
Heartbeat Room –The Swinton Family (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Helicon Place (3)
Keith Humble Centre for Music and the Performing Arts (1)
Lester Square (Discontinued?) (2)
Macfarlane Burnet Laboratory (2)
Mackie House (1)
Mackie Oval (3)
Main Oval (3)
Northern Entrance (Main Entry – Not formally named) (2)
MacRoberts Scorebox (3)
Memorial Wing (West Wing) (1)
Morongo Room/House (Mossgiel) (2)
Mossgiel Boarding Units (Not formally named) (1)
Mossgiel House (1)
Neil Leslie Campbell Tennis Courts (3)
Norman Morrison Memorial Hall (1)
Old Collegians' Forecourt (Keith Humble Centre)
Patricia Wood Reading Room (2)
Peter Thwaites Wing (North Wing) (1)
Preparatory School (Original Site) (1)
Rankin Field (3)
Refectory Building (See Also Dining Hall Senior School) (1)
Rogers Room (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Rolland Centre (1)
Rolland Gates (3)
Rolland Window (Chapel) (3)
Ru Yi Foyer (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Simpson Gates (3)
South Wing (Not formally named) (1)
Tait Forecourt (3)
Tam Henderson Science Laboratory (2)
Travelword Newtown Room (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Turner Room (Keith Humble Centre) (2)
Sir Arthur Coles Science Building (1)
Warrinn House (The ‘Cottage’) (1)
Dining Hall Donor Chairs and Tables (3)
Hugh Mackay Sundial (3)
Kerr Sundial (3)
T A Kelsall Memorial Seat (3)
Trees? (3)

2. Middle School:

Arnold Buntine Building (Wing) (1)
Art Centre (Not formally named) (1)
Donald Webb Art Studio (2)
Environment Centre (Not formally named) (1)
Preparatory School (1)
Ian R Watson Gymnasium (2)
Helen Mackie Library (2)
Robertson Hall (2)
Rolland House (Discontinued) (2)
Stuart Laidlaw Memorial Swimming Pool (3)

3. Junior School:

Campbell House (1)
Campbell Library (2)
Joan Sweetnam Room (2)

4. Other:
Albert Bell Club Room (2)
Mokboree (Discontinued) (3)
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