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When first established at Knowle House in 1861, sea-bathing between 7.00am and 8.00am in the morning was part of the invigorating routine for the boarders.

Following the move from Skene St to Newtown Hill it was no longer feasible to use the beach in winter. Initially, washing facilities were fairly rudimentary at the Newtown Hill sited College as there was no town water supply available at that time. The College initially relied on an underground tank and water pump to the west of the Staff Common Room. The sealed off head of this water pump can still be seen.

In about 1874, following the installation of a town water supply a large bathing pool and shower bath was constructed in what is now the rear of the foyer of the Northern Entrance – its northern wall was the arched wall of the foyer.

There was a small wash room on the eastern side of the Bathing Room. Adjoining the Bathing Room was the Cloak Room and toilets now commonly known as the 'Dungeon Room'. There were originally steps from this room up into the Bathing Room. The Bathing Room became disused in about 1910 and eliminated in renovations in 1916 when the Northern Entry foyer was opened up. No images of the interior of this room are known.

Sources: Austin Gray Reminiscences - Pegasus June 1952 p 35.
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