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Although the first formal report noting the playing of Baseball and detailing the fortunes of the two teams formed that year appeared in Pegasus in 1963, a photograph from the A L Rentoul Album depicts a much earlier flirtation with the sport in 1922.

In 1974, 20 boys played baseball, winning the Geelong Baseball Associations’ Under16 Premiership that year. In 1981 and 1982 baseball was also played as a girls’ sport. Baseball ceased to be listed in Pegasus as a sport after 1982.

Sport Baseball Team, circa 1982 (Rentoul Album)

Baseball Team, circa 1922 (Rentoul Album)

Baseball Captains:

1970 Runia, D. J.
1971 Not Listed
1972 Mann, J. R.
1973 Not Listed
1974 Not Listed
1975 Dunn, P. R. B. (Boys)
1976 Perkins, M. (Boys)
1977 Not Listed
1978 Robb, S.T.
1979 Thornton, W. N.
1980 Not Listed
1981 Lester, S. E. (Girls)
1982 Not listed (Possibly Mills, J (Girls)

Sources: Pegasus December 1963 p 53; Pegasus December 1967 p 61.
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