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BARKER, Stephen (1968-2016)

BARKER, Stephen (1968-2016)

Stephen Barker, actor, director and educator pursued a career in the performing arts mainly in Canberra and New South Wales.

A graduate (BA) of the University of New England in Drama and English, he first worked as a recruitment consultant with the Department of Employment, Education and Training in Canberra before embarking on a life in the arts in 1996. As an independent performing artist, he worked as an actor, writer, director and musician, performing in films and plays, and doing voiceovers for Radio and TV and winning a Green Room Award in 2006. He performed with New Theatre in Sydney, and with several regional, Sydney and Canberra based productions.

Stephen also taught at the Canberra Dance Development Centre, Canberra Youth Theatre, and as a Sessional Lecturer with the University of Canberra in drama and creative arts. He had roles in the films; ‘The New Crusaders’ (2001), ‘Locks of Love’, and ‘Jindabyne’ (2006).

Stephen was educated firstly, at North Geelong High School, then as a day student at full timeonGeelong College from 6 February 1985 to 6 December 1985. His address at enrolment was 80 Kinlock St, North Geelong. At College, he was a member of Wettenhall House, earned House Debating and Music Colours, and was a member of the Library Council.

Stephen died on 8 December 2016.

His sister, Annette (OGC 1988) was also educated at Geelong College.

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