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BARBER, Wallace Stuart (1928-2015)

BARBER, Wallace Stuart (1928-2015)

Wallace Stuart Barber.

Wallace Stuart Barber.

Farmer and grazier, Wallace Barber began his schooling with correspondence at home, followed by a year with his grandparents at Birchip where he went to School until a small school opened at Warburn, out of Griffith. He rode his bike six miles to school, crossing a creek on a swing bridge that his father had built. Afterwards he went to Griffith High School. Wallace finished his schooling as a boarder at Geelong College in 1944-45. He competed in the Relay Team at the Combined Schools Athletics Sports and rowed in the 2nd VIII in 1945.

After leaving College he returned to work on the family farm at 'Mirrool Park', a 15,000 acre property, the family bought, west of Griffith NSW in 1926. 'Mirrool Park' was later divided into two, with his uncle, Graham Thomas Barber (1912-2006), getting half and his father, Stuart Samuel Barber (1901-1972), the other half. In 1957, with over 20 years of irrigation and now growing rice and producing fat lambs, Stuart’s portion was divided into four blocks, with Stuart keeping one block and his sons, Wallace, Campbell, and Donald, the other blocks.

Wallace’s other uncle, Gordon, stayed on at 'Glenalvon' Birchip and Gordon’s sons, Keith, and his wife, Helen, now live at 'Glenalvon', and Angus, still has land in the Birchip area, where the Barbers took up a number of blocks in 1879. Wallace died on 7 February 2015.

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