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See Geelong College Cup for further individual Athletics Awards.
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See Also Cross-Country Running Award (Sport)

The first recorded athletics sports may have been held in 1862. The first documented sports however, were held on the Corio Oval on 2 December 1868 with 14 events in an afternoon program from 2.00pm to 5.30pm. A highlight of these sports days, from 1869, was the competition for the Geelong College Cup which was among the longest lived awards offered by the School. With the introduction of House Sports in 1921 there were two sports events running, usually, a few days apart until 1939 when they were combined into a single sports day. The first Preparatory School sports occurred in 1924. Both the Jubilee History of 1911 and the Centenary History of 1961 include considerable information about athletics.

Athletics Captains:

Sports Program, 2 December 1868 page 1.

Competitors at the First Preparatory School Sports, 1924.

Competitors at the First Preparatory School Sports, 1924.

1908 Russell, E. K.
1909 Pullar, P. G.
1910 Reid, G. C. D.
1911 Betheras, J. C.
1912 Reid, W. J.
1913 Reid, W. J.
1914 Hooper, A. A. W.
1915 Mackay, E. E.
1916 Reid, L. E.
1917 Macmillan, W. E.
1918 McPherson, W. R.
1919 Brooke, L. P. W.
1920 Brooke, L. P. W.
1921 Hope, D. W.
1922 Macmillan, J. R. T.
1923 McCann, E. W.
1924 McCann, E. W.
1925 Ingpen, W. L.
1926 Cook, E. G.
1927 McGregor, A. H.
1928 Matheson, E. E.
1929 Cunningham, J. C.
1930 Palmer, N. R.
1931 Funston, F. G.
1932 Watson, J. K.
1933 Laidlaw, R. H. C.
1934 Carr, W. P.
1935 Carr, W. P.
1936 Hicks, G. G.
1937 Kelsall, T. H.
1938 McPherson, I. H.
1939 Barrett, J. W.
1940 Blackwood, A. F.
1941 Davey, F. H.
1942 Nall, K. S.
1943 Grutzner, P. W.
Girls Athletics Team, 1995 APS Premiers.

Girls Athletics Team, 1995 APS Premiers.

1944 Bayly, G. R.
1945 Ewan, G. W. C.
1946 Macmillan, D. R. T.
1947 Cameron, I. W.
1948 Lyon, M. E.
1949 McColl, J. C.
1950 McColl, J. C.
1951 Vines, G. J. G.
1952 McKindlay, N. L.
1953 Macmillan, I. W.
1954 Macmillan, I. W.
1955 Lawler, W. W.
1956 Howden, R. B.
1957 Howden, R. B.
1958 Thomas, J. W.
1959 Braden, D. J. C.
1960 Bromell, H. T.
1961 Aiton, D.
1962 Lehmann, W. L.
1963 McLeish, A. J.
1964 McLeish, A. J.
Girls Athletics Team 1998 APS Premiers

Girls Athletics Team 1998 APS Premiers

1965 Sears, D. W. McI.
1966 Torode, I. P.
1967 Torode, I. P.
1968 Johnstone, D. A.
1969 Dennis, T. R.
1970 Clarke, D.E.
1971 Anderson, R. A.
1972 Herd, F. O.
1973 Hooke, M. H.
1974 Grant, R. S.
1975 Kelso, H. A.
1976 Harbison, J. E.
1977 Kelso, R. M.
1978 Magee, R.
........ Walpole, A.
1979 Le Deux, A. J.
........ Douglas, S. F.
1980 Forbes, C. K.
1981 Brathwaite, K. (Girls)
........ Filbay, G. (Boys)
1982 Hobbs, A. J.
1983 Nagle, A. P.
1984 Gebhardt, N. (Boys)
........ MacMillan, F. (Girls)
1985 Rial, A. (Girls)
........ Wickham, P. (Boys)
Girls Athletics Team, 1998 APS Premiers.

Girls Athletics Team, 1998 APS Premiers.

1986 Brigg, A. (Boys)
........ Rial, A. (Girls)
1987 Courtnay, M. (Boys)
........ Leggatt, S. (Boys)
........ Neely, H. (Girls)
........ Smith, M. (Girls)
1988 Hay, D. (Boys) McGregor, K. (Girls)
1989 Harris, M. (Girls) Price, L. (Boys)
1990 Peake, K. (Girls) Price, L. (Boys)
1991 Henderson, M. (Girls) Nevins, J. (Boys)
1992 Bourke, F. (Girls) Lambart, A. (Boys)
1993 Selman, J. (Girls) Williamson, M. (Boys)
1994 Johnstone, P. (Girls) Nelson, R. (Boys)
1995 Davis, K. (Girls) Haydon, B. (Boys)
1996 Bradshaw, J. (Girls) Henderson, M. (Boys)
1997 Dowling, J. (Boys) Tyack, M. (Girls)
1998 Cummins, L. (Girls) Davis, T. (Boys)
1999 Boston, J. (Boys) Johnstone, S. (Girls)
2000 Clarke, T. (Boys) Halsall, S. (Girls) Herd, R. (Girls)
2001 Bridges, N. (Boys) Meek, B. (Girls)
2002 Reilly, T. (Girls) Hope-Johnstone, J. (Boys) Mackenzie, M. (Boys)
2003 McLarty, A. (Boys) Nelson, S. (Girls)
2004 Griffiths, S. (Boys) Ulmer, K. (Girls)
2005 Hope-Johnstone, V. (Girls) Wynn, S. (Girls) Van De Pol, J. (Boys)
2006 Schofield, W. (Boys) Wood, B. (Girls)
Girls Athletics Team, 1999 APS Premiers.

Girls Athletics Team, 1999 APS Premiers.

2007 E. K. M. Curnow
........ S. A. May
2008 S. M. Guy
........ H. C. Russell
2009 E. M. Curnow
........ T. W. Perkins
2010 C. B. Barham
........ F. E. Russell
........ E. A. M. Graham
2011 G. A. Curnow
........ C. A. Wade
........ C. K. Jeffreys
2012 M. R. Lamont
........ L. K. Walker
2013 W. G. May
........ A. C. Shannon
........ S. M. Russell
2014 C. W. T. Curnow
........ J. L. Mann
2015 M. H. Kent-Spark
........ L. D. McPherson
2016 L. A. Balaam
........ J. M. Fitzpatrick
........ M. S. Lazarus
........ M. P. Spikers
2017 J. A. O. Glover
........ S. L. Walmsley
Girls Athletics Team, 2002 APS Premiers.

Girls Athletics Team, 2002 APS Premiers.

2018 Ballaam, M.
......... Barnes, K.
......... Falkiner, L.
2019 Courtnay, O.
........ Walsh, E.

Contribution to Athletics Awardees:

2004 Griffiths, S. (Boys)
........ Ulmer, K. (Girls)
2005 Hope-Johnstone, V. (Girls)
........ Wynne, S. (Girls)
........ Vand der Pol, J. (Boys)
2006 Schofield, W. J. (Boys)
........ Wood, B. (Girls)
2007 Curnow, E. (Boys)
........ May, S. (Girls)
2008 Not Listed.
2009 Curnow, E. (Girls)
........ Perkins, T. (Boys)
2010 Barham, C (Boys)
........ Graham, L. (Girls)
........ Russell, F. (Boys)
2011 Curnow, G.
........ Jeffreys, C.
........ Wade, C.
2012 Lamont, M. (Boys)
......... Walker, L. (Girls)
2013 May, W (Boys)
......... Russell, S. (Boys)
......... Shannon, A. (Girls)
2014 Curnow, C.
........ Mann, J.
2015 Kent-Spark, M.
........ McPherson, L.
2016 Balaam, L.
........ Spikers, M.
2017 Glover, J. A. O.
........ Walmsley, S. L.
2018 Courtnay, O.

Girls Athletics Team, 2005 APS Premiers.

Girls Athletics Team, 2005 APS Premiers.

2019 Courtnay, O. J.
........ Walsh, E. J.

House Athletics Awardees:
2000 McArthur
2001 McArthur
2002 Calvert
2003 Calvert
2004 Calvert
2005 Calvert
2006 McArthur
2007 Coles
2008 Coles
2009 Keith
2010 Shannon
2011 Shannon
2012 Coles
2013 Coles
2014 Shannon
2015 Keith
2016 Morrison
2017 Keith
2018 Wettenhall
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