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ARMSTRONG, Warwick Windridge (1879-1947)

ARMSTRONG, Warwick Windridge (1879-1947)

Warwick Armstrong, one of Australia's greatest all-round cricketers led many Victorian teams to success and was captain of Australian Test teams in 10 series, visiting England in 1902, 1905, 1909 and 1921. During those test series his team was undefeated by England, winning eight tests and drawing two. He also played VFL football with South Melbourne. For much of his playing career he was assistant secretary of the Melbourne Cricket Club and from 1922 to 1946 Australasian manager for the company Dawson's Scotch Whisky.

Warwick Armstrong was born at Kyneton on 22 May 1879. He died at Darling Point, Sydney on 13 July 1947.

Warwick Armstrong led a visting team to Geelong College in 1923.

Pegasus in May 1923 reported his visit:

'An event which aroused great interest during the term was the visit of Mr. Warwick Armstrong, with a cricket team brought down by Mr. T. E. Doughton, an Old Boy. This is not the place in which to describe the cricket, but it is understood that Mr. Armstrong said that he enjoyed his visit immensely, and that he would gladly repeat it, if he were guaranteed protection from the crowd of photographers and autograph-hunters by which he was besieged. At least if he did notsay this, we may be excused for imagining him to have done so.'

Played on College Oval on March 2nd, and won by Mr. Armstrong's team by 54 runs. The school were delighted to have a visit from the famous Captain of the .Australian Eleven, and gave him a great reception.
Geelong College — 175.
A. Lang 32, Ingpen 29, Cooke 24, Rentoul 22. Bowling — Ironmonger, 6 for 43.

Mr. Armstrong's team — 229.
Rodgerson 49, Ironmonger 47, Armstrong c Ingpen, b Rentoul 25. Bowling — Rentoul 3 for 65, Baird, 4 for 73.

In 1948, after Armstrong's death, Pegasus recalled the Armstrong match:
'During first term, Mr. Warwick Armstrong visited the school with a cricket team, which defeated the 1st XI. in a practice match. Autograph hunters and photographers besieged the famous Test Captain so persistently all day, that he was glad to take the field and escape them. Ironmonger was the most successful visitor, with 47 runs and 6 wickets for 43, while A. Lang made 32 for the College team.'

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