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Annual Report Cover 1878,

Annual Report Cover 1878,

A preservation effort, some 80 years ago, led to the collection of an almost complete sequence of Annual Reports from 1863 to 1907, the year prior to the School again becoming administered by the Presbyterian Church. These are now held in both the original record and as a digitized sequence in the College Archives.

From 1909 onwards the School provided an annual report to the Church Presbytery until its incorporation in 1986 following the formation of the Uniting Church. The only records held for 1861 and 1862 are those reported in the newspapers.

The Annual Reports of the nineteenth century, particularly the later ones, typically contain a brief description of academic results, sport results, award and prize lists, and prospectus details such as fees, boarding arrangements and occasionally, staff.

The first staff list was published in the 1863 Annual Report, the first mention of sport in 1867, and the first listing of inter-school matches and the College Athletics Sports was in 1868. Of interest, are the 1871 and 1872 Annual Reports which include on their front covers engravings of what can only be assumed to be the proposed School rather than the existing School as the Main entrance and western section were not at that time built. The image includes a very different front entrance to the one actually built in 1873.

From 1898 to 1908, during Norman Morrison's period as Principal, the Geelong College Annual Reports altered format and included photographs and much more descriptive information about the school year. When the School established the magazine 'The Pegasus' in 1909, Annual Reports were no longer produced as public documents and their content was subsumed into ' The Pegasus' .

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