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Two Memorial Tablets to former collegians who served in the Anglo-South African (Anglo-Boer) War are mounted above the fireplace in the Senior School Dining Hall. They record the following 27 servicemen:

John Grenville Bell (1875-1946) (Served WWI).
Victor Thomas Batten (1875-1919) (Served WWI).
John Ernest Pushman Bowring (1876-1917) (Died WWI).
Harold Grafton Carstairs (1875-1943) (Served WWI).
Arthur Joseph Grey (1876-1928).
Herbert Wilkinson Grey (1871-1938).
James Stirling Gullan (1870-1934).
William Weston Hearne DSO (1871-1917) (Died WWI).
Rev Albert Thomas Holden CBE (1866-1935) (Served WWI).
Joshua James Joyce (1874-1915) (Died WWI).
John Vincent Kearns (1875-1901) (Died Anglo-SA).
Rupert Lowe (1878-1965) (Served WWI).
Wilfred Madden (1876-1941).
John Edward Myers (1878- )
Glenelg Ogilie McPherson (1877-1963)
Alfred Benjamin Needham (1876-1916) (Died WWI)
Vincent O'Farrell (1873-?) (Served WWI)
Montagu Gordon Charles Pasco (1860-1952)
George James Sandford (1872-1940) (Served WWI).
Elliot Strachan Shannon (1882-1914)
Ernest Joseph Stone (1878-1938) (Served WWI).
Frederick Phillip David Strickland (1875-1950) (Served WWI).
Lennard John Strickland (1880-1949) (Served WWI).
Alexander Charles Sutherland (1869-1941)]
George Stuart Sutherland (1878-1932)
Albert Clarence Whiting (1879-1911)
William Gleadow Yelland (1878-1913)

The memorial was erected by the Old Collegians’ Association following the death of Vincent Kearns originally believed to be the first ex-Collegian killed in military service. Kearns was killed at Klip River, Natal in 1902 and buried at Volksrust Cemetery, Natal.

James Affleck lists three other servicemen in the Anglo-South African War who are not listed on the Dining Hall Memorial. These are:

Noel Leonard Calvert (1877-1900)
Hubert Charles Esmore (1876-1951)
Arthur Robertson Morrison (1868-1921)

Noel Leonard Calvert, killed at Bethel in the Transvaal and buried at Ermelo Cemetery, may be the first known death of a former Collegian on military service even though he is not listed on the memorial nor in the enrolment register. George Morrison’s son, Arthur Robertson Morrison (1868-1921), served with the Lyndenburg Mounted Police under Brigadier-General J E Gough VC during the Anglo-South African War. A fourth name in Affleck's list, George H Fleming, is not able to be verified.

At least four of the above listed ex-collegians were to die in World War 1 - John Bowring; William Hearne; Joshua Joyce and Albert Needham.

Albert Percy Carter (1876-1948), a school carpenter for many years also served during the Anglo-South African War.

Sources: Geelong College Enrolment Register; Affleck, James. ‘Geelong Collegians at the Great War’ Geelong College, 2007; Carstairs P - Pegasus October 1909 p30; Pegasus April 1910.
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