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The Alliance Francaise award was given at several different levels in a number of performance areas: Dictation, Reading and Conversation; Poetry; and Recitation. Additionally prizes were awarded at Sub-Intermediate; Intermediate; Leaving; and Matriculation.

Geelong College candidates did not necessarily achieve awards in all performance or year levels each year and only First Prize Matriculation awards are listed here. Geelong College involvement in the award commenced in 1945. The award ceased to be listed in the Speech Day Prize Lists after 1979.

See Also B R Keith Modern Language Prize.

Aliance Francaise Matriculation Awardees:

1945 Stewart, J. O. (Special Prize)
1946 Neilson, D. G. (Conversation)
........ Campbell, P. E. (Recitation)
........ Young, N. J. (Recitation)
1947 Campbell, P. E. (Conversation; Reading; Recitation; Dictation; Georgina Gadsden Memorial Prize)
1948 No First Prizes
1949 Allen, R. S. (Recitation)
........ Lowson, J. A. (Special Prize)
1950 No First Prizes
1951 Gault, D. M (Special Prize)
........ Scott, A. McI. (Recitation)
1952 Scott, A. McI. (Reading and Conversation)
1953 Stott, B. H. (Special Prize)
1954 Harrison, I. T. (Special Prize)
1956 Falk, R. G. (Poetry)
........ Gray, . W. (Dictation; Reading and Conversation; Vanderkelen Prize; Special Prize)
1957 Paul, D. g. (Poetry)
........ Seller, D. R. (Poetry)
1958 No First Prizes
1959 No First Prizes.
1960 Laidaw, D. J. (Dictation)
1961 No First Prizes
1962 Douglas, R.N. (Dictation)
1955 Wright, L. G.(Reading and Conversation; Dictation; Special Prize)
......... Wright, L. G.(Dictation)
1963 Williamson, D. G. (Recitation)
1964 Cumming, R. D. (Reading and Conversation)
1965 Cumming, R. D. (Reading and Conversation)
........ Cumming, R. D. (Recitation)
1966 Jenkins, A. G. (Reading and Conversation)
1967 No First Prizes
1968 Runia, D. T. (Dictation)
1969 No First Prizes
1970 Not Listed
1971 Not Listed
1972 No First Prizes
1973-1977 Not Listed.
1978 No First Prizes.
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