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The Alec G Stewart Prize is a current, annually awarded, academic prize.

The School magazine, Pegasus, in 1986, reported 'the school is greatly indebted to Mr and Mrs W G Stewart for providing a generous bequest to enable a specific prize to be awarded for hard work and high standards in economics at Year 12. The intention of the Stewart family was to create a memorial to their son Alec, who died in February 1983.' The award was first offered in 1986. Alexander Gordon Stewart (1941-1984) was a boarder at the College from 4 February 1954 to December 1959.

Alec G Stewart Economics Prize Awardees:

1986 Black, C.
........ Tarr, R.
1987 Bell, P.
........ Jackman, S.
1988 Campbell, D.
........ Hider, B.
1989 Black, J.
........ Newson, A.
1990 Considine, M.
1991 Moore, G.
........ Smedley, D.
1992 Whitehead, M.
1993 Ashby, G.
1994 Murphy, F.
1995 Lucas, A.
1996 Roberts, S.
1997 Thompson, S.
1998 Tan, M.
1999 Bath, D.
2000 Coad, L.
2001 Mitchell, J.
2002 Jeremiah, K.
2003 Harding, C.
2004 Manks, K.
2005 Amezdroz, S.
2006 Rockefeller, M.
2007 Babiolakis, M.
2008 Dales Sutton, B.
2009 Dye, M.
2010 Denny, D.
2011 Andrews, G.
........ Emselle, J.
2012 Baldam, R.
2013 Callan, C.
2014 Collett, N.
2015 Wu, D.
2016 Nicholas, N.
2017 Conway, S. E.
2018 Evans, O.

Sources: Pegasus, 1986 p32.
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