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The A T Andrews Memorial Prize is a current, annual academic award for outstanding performance in mathematics and science awarded to a Year 12 student. It was first listed in the Speech Day Programs in 1945 although a mathematics prize for Year 12 ( Form Honour VI) had been awarded since at least 1938. The prize was established and initially funded by Vautin Hilary Andrews (1914-1976) in memory of his father, Arthur Tremayne Andrews (1872-1932). Both father and son were students at the School.

Mathematics Prize awardees:

1938 Pillow, A. F.
1939 Doig, W. G.
1940 Phillips, J. R.
1941 Mitchell, I. G.
1942 Not Listed
1943 Ostberg, C. F.
1944 Collyer, K. R.

A T Andrews Prize for Mathematics and Science Awardees:

1945 Tait, J. H. B.
1946 Currie, D. T.
1947 Adler, G F.
1948 Huffam, A. W.
1949 Anderson, W. C.
1950 Milner, G. C.
1951 Not Awarded.
1952 Ball, P. G.
1953 McKinnon, G. T.
1954 Cook, P. D.
1955 Money, R. D.
1956 Kriegel, J. D.
1957 Morlet, J. R. D.
1958 Cairns, B. J.
1959 Herbert, A. J.
1960 McLennan, P. M.
1961 Douglas, R. N.
1962 Not Awarded.
1963 Paterson, A. J.
1964 Molony, R. F.
1965 Roydhouse, J. D.
1966 Bishop, I. D.
1967 Paton, J. S.
1968 Cook, J. A. R.
1969 McLean, L. R.
1970 McKenzie, D. A.
1971 Thom, D. E.
1972 Taylor, R. S.
1973 Lawrence, D. J.
1974 Wood, N. C.
1975 Williamson, D. A.
1976 Cameron, A. W. N.
1977 Thorne, M.
1978 Maclean, A.
........ Neilson, T.
1979 Bourke, J.
........ McDonald, P.
1980 Holloway, P.
1981 Lomas, E.
1982 Johns, M.
........ Redpathy, M.
1983 Read, U.
1984 Long, T.
1985 Peel, A.
1986 Hui, A.
1987 Lim, D.
1988 Beecroft, K.
1989 Belcher, W.
1990 Nicholls, S.
1991 Neagle, T.
1992 Griffiths, J.
1993 Lethbridge, G.
1994 Briggs, J.
1995 Knott, C.
1996 Selvalingham, B.
1997 Hobbs, S.
1998 Tan, M.
1999 Butler, J.
2000 Lockie, H.
2001 Kay, J.
2002 Gore, L.
2003 Xin, A.
2004 Kay, J.
2005 Green, A.
2007 Nicolo, X.
........ Wen, D.
2008 Morris, S. E.
2009 Goodridge, D.
2010 Pederson, N.
2011 Williams, C.
2012 Wong, T
2013 White, E.
2014 Baensch, A.
2015 Wong, S.
2016 Kovacev, M. A.
2017 Yang, T.
2018 Robinson, B.
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