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Album Atkins Norman Grant (1907-1961) OGC 1921-1924

Album Bechervaise Collection Circa 1934-1938

Album Bromell J H 1909-1989 OGC 1927-1928

Album Brumley Arthur Leslie OGC 1915-1917 Series 1

Album Brumley Arthur Leslie OGC 1915-1917 Series 2 Autographs

Album Brumley Family Circa 1939

Album Butcher Alfred Dunblavin (1915-1990) OGC 1927-1932

Album Carr Cyril Gardiner (1897-1981) GC 1914-1916

Album Cherry George Eric (1889-1959) OGC 1903- and Edward John (1887-1965) OGC 1901 (Cherry E J)

Album Crawford Francis Bartlet (1887-1943) OGC 1901-1906

Album Dobie David Alexander (1899-1981) OGC 1911-1918 (Dobie)

Album Drury Arthur Nigel (1921-1964) OGC 1933-1938 and David Merivale (1924-1994) OGC 1935-1942 (Sue Drury)

Album Ford June Series 1 Loan (Daughter of Carji Greeves) Not Held)

Album Gough Raymond William (1911-1994) OGC 1926-1929 (R J Gough)

Album Grant Robert James Series 1 (1934-2007) OGC 1947-1949 Loan (Judy Grant)

Album Hope G W OGC 1919-1925 (G A Hope)

Album MacPherson 1918-1919 (Walter Ronald McPherson (1900-1952) OGC 1920-1922) Loan

Album MacPherson Alan Lindsay A2009 0375 09 OGC 1920-1922

Album McCosh John Paul (1905-1978) OGC 1918-1923

Album McLeod John Kenneth Allister (1930-2002) OGC 1944-1948

Album Morrow W A (1920-) OGC 1936-1937

Album Pagels Claude McDonald Series 1 OGC 1920-1923

Album Pagels Claude McDonald Series 2 OGC 1920-1923

Album Paton John Stephen OGC 1963-1967 Loan Not Held

Album Pillow Collection Roy Nelson Pillow OGC 1909 Henry Fenton Pillow OGC 1909-1912 - Copy

Album Waugh John Gordon (1934-2002) OGC 1945-1953